Executive Letter of Intent

Dear Public,

The following letter is an introduction on behalf of Life Worth Living Inc. My name is John W. Fuqua and I am the founder and president.

I have been working in community- based youth programs in New Jersey since 1998. I have done presentations in schools across the country. Life Worth Living Inc is a non-profit organization that was created to help guide and assist youth and young adults away from drugs, gangs and bad choices.

I have built a program geared toward education, recreation, and family support. The main goal at Life Worth Living is to inform every person that their life has value and we develop a plan to reach both long and short- term goals.

We offer college readiness programs, mentoring, tutoring, life skills, sports specific training, in addition to gang prevention and intervention programs. We do special events and community outreach projects geared toward enhancing the lives of others.

At Life Worth Living we connect people to resources.

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce my company and services to you and I express my eagerness to service your community.

Respectfully Yours,

John W. Fuqua


Life Worth Living

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