John W. Fuqua

Born and raised in Bridgeton, NJ in the 1990’s during the height of the “Crack Era” John W. Fuqua knew he wanted to make it out. Growing up in poverty- stricken community facing more hurdles than opportunities John focused on education and sports while in high school. In the fall 0f 1996 John begin his college career at William Patterson University as he majored in English Lit with a concentration in education. After graduating in 2001 John began a teaching career in Patterson, NJ. John is CADC and is currently working towards a master’s degree in sociology.

After teaching for a few years John would receive a call from home that would change his life. Gang activity started spreading like wildfire in Bridgeton, NJ in the early 2000’s and several of John’s family members joined local gangs. Determined to pull his family members off the streets John started an anti-gang program geared prevention and intervention. John joined several coalitions working in concert with law enforcement, city and religious leaders with the goal of saving lives.

John Fuqua believes in making a positive impact on the lives of youth and adults by sharing real life experiences of both hope and consequential thinking. John w. Fuqua is one of the best public speakers in the country and he has spoken to over 1 million students and parents over the past ten years. John is the founder and force behind Life worth Living Inc, a non-profit organization founded in 2012. Created to carry a message of hope and healing to youth and young adults that have found it difficult to navigate in a world where drugs, poverty and gangs are present Life worth Living Inc serves as a lighthouse and beacon of hope to guide young people to success.